Thursday, 19 November 2009

Pony Time

You can imagine the looks I am getting as I appear from behind the toilet cubical at Mass in Brixton for the Torture Garden event some time ago. You might wonder why I am getting the looks that I am considering it is a fetish event full of weird and wonderful people. The reason for the looks is that I am wearing black latex hotpants, a bodice type arrangement to cover my chest and a mask that looks like a horses head complete with blinkers, a bit and of course reins which were attached to the bit and the bodice.
As I exit the changing rooms my master and rider are waiting for me to come out, he greets me with a whip to my backside and orders me to bend over. In front of everyone he slowly inserts the butt plug that is now my tail into my ass. It hurts slightly, but I don’t get a chance to think about it. My tail is now appearing through the opening in the rear of my pants and I am now ready to be taken into the main arena.
As I am walking out, my master closes the blinker holes so that I can no longer see, I am now at the mercy of him to guide me through the crowd and into the main arena.. Considering I have 6 inch platforms on this is no small task and it takes me a while to get used to walking around blind. As we enter the main arena and I am told to get onto one of the small podiums that are placed there and to get on my knees, he then ties up my reins to a pole that is nearby and tells me to wait.
As my hands are in fingerless gloves that are tied & bound, I can not do much other that wait for my master to return. As I am waiting there, I feel numerous hands stroke my long hair which is neatly tied in to a pony tail and I get the odd slap on the bum. So as I wait on my knees for him to return, I listen to the music to distract myself and I wonder what everybody is doing or how they look. After 45mins or so my master returns and un ties me and leads me to another room which is a lot quieter and has people talking away. There is no music is this room, only what you can hear from the main club. I am told once again to get on my knees and at this point my master offers me a drink, I gladly take it licking it from his cup.
After what feel like forever my master removes the blinkers so I can, it is only for 20 mins but it gives me a good chance to see what is going on. He leads me around the club and I have never seen so many people look at me before, it feels amazing to be the centre of attention. My master then closes the blinkers up again and tightens the bit some more so that my mouth is full stretched open and wide.
We have now been in the club for about 2 hours and it is getting really busy with lots of people bumping into me, tugging at my tail and stroking my hair. I have not been able to see anything for the last hour now and I am starting to really miss the feeling of not being able to see. I give a signal to my master that I want to see, at first he refuses but after a while he opens the blinkers a little so that I can see. The sense of relief is amazing and its great to be able to see the lights of the club and the people that are in there. Strangely enough I spot two friends of mine in there, what I thought were two straight guys ended up being rather close and it was quite amusing to see them. I am sure they would have had a big surprise to see me, but thankfully the mask was hiding my identity.
We carry on dancing and after a while I am lead back into a small room which has a number of sofas and beds in it. I get ordered to sit down, and the butt plug I have been wearing gets push up every more, partly because I had forgotten it was there and secondly because I got pushed..
My master then gets on his knees in front of me and takes my heels off, he then starts caressing feet, slowly rubbing and kissing them. As he does this he works his way up my leg and up to my inner thigh. It is at this point a young lady joins in and does the same to the other leg. The contrasts of the two tongues and lips are amazing The sensation is unreal and I am getting so unbelievably worked up. To makes things worse my hands are still bound together in a fist shape in side the gloves that I am wearing meaning I can touch anything nor can I really feel anything from them. My master has now worked his way up to my upper inner thigh and the women is licking and sucking my toes, something which I love and adore.
Before long, the kissing and caressing stops, my blinkers are put back on so I can’t see and I am ordered to get on my knees once again. My master grabs my hairs and uses the whip on me and tells me to follow him, he leads me over to the bed where he tells me to get on to it and remain on my knees. He tells me to wait there and to not move until he gets back. I wait there patiently wondering again what is going on, I can hear other couples playing together and it is making me really horny and jealous that I can not join them. I later find out that my master was out planning for my exit and arrival back to the stable.
He later returns and orders me to my feet, where he leads me outside and into an awaiting taxi. In the taxi is one other guy and another women. There are only a few whispers spoken in the taxi, none of it that I can hear that well due to my ears being covered.

We get back to my masters apartment and I am lead up the stairs. We walk into the living area and I am told to sit down. The bit being my teeth is taken off which is a nice relief as I have had my mouth opened with it in for about 5 hours now. I am given a drink water and told to keep quite and await further instructions.
After a while of sitting there and waiting what to do, the role play for the night partially ends, my hands are unbound and I am free to talk about the night with my master and our new friends. The two new people are friends of my master and he had planned the whole event so it was a nice surprise. They are of similar age, the women is 23 and the guy is 29 and are both very good looking. We chat for abit and drink some more. My master then comes out with the mirror and we proceed to have a few lines of coke and generally get high. About 30 mins later the fun begins. Megan comes over and straddles me on the couch and starts to kiss me. I’ve kissed a quite a few women in my time but nothing feels as good as her at the moment. The guys are now standing either side of us watching and talking about how good it looks. My master then grabs Megan and pulls her off me and starts to kiss her, Steve grabs me and starts kissing and licking my neck and he slowly works his way up to my mouth, we carry on kissing for a while and I’m feeling very tingly below. Steve fondles my boobs through the bodice that am wearing and pulls the top down so that my left boob is now exposed, he pushes me back down on to the sofa and climbs on top of me so that he couch is right in my face. I grab his waist and pull it closer to me. I start undoing his belt and pull it off. I can see a bulge appear through the leather trousers that he is wearing and think that to my self that I should take control and expose this bulge. Before I get a chance to un do his fly he jumps back up to his feet and pulls me up and lifts me into the air so that my legs are around his waist. At this stage my arms are around his neck and I am still kissing him, he tells me to let go and to put them behind my back. I do as he asks and as he does this my master grabs my hands and cuffs them together. My master then brings over the mirror and tells me to snort the line in which I do, he then grabs my hood and puts it back on and tighten’s it back up. It would appear that we are going back into role play mode again.
Steve then puts me back on the bed and tells me to wait, as I do I start to feel very spaced out and as it turns out, the line I had was Ketamine.
As I lay there I am wondering what is going to happen when I feel my legs open up and the gentle kissing of Megan on my legs, she is lightly rubbing my crouch and pussy and I feel out of this word. The guys then lift up my legs and pull down my hot pants. Megan then starts to lick and kiss my clit, teasing me with her tongue. While Megan is busy licking me out, My master removes my bodice and I am now naked on the bed, hands behind my back and with a horse mask on. Steve then grabs my mouth and forces it open, as he does he spits into my mouth and tells me to relax and that everything will be fine. As he says this a dildo is inserted in and out of my mouth like I am giving a blow job, he pushes it as far as it can go so that I end up gagging on it. He pulls it and I am turned over so that I am on my stomach. My legs are then spread apart and I can feel lube being squirted all over my bum and inner thigh. Megan then slowly inserts her finger in my ass, and takes it in and out. I cant really feel that much at the moment as I am bit numb all over. Then I start to feel something bigger go in and it is slowly slid back and forwards until it is right deep inside me. Steve then comes around the front of me and lifts my head, then pulls my mouth open and forces his cock into my mouth. With his cock in my mouth and dildo up my ass I am feeling very vulnerable but at the same time excited. This carries on for a while untill my master turns me on to my side, in doing so he lifts my leg into the air and pushes his cock into my pussy


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

My Story in part

You might be wondering why I have decided to write this blog, well this is all about an extension of me and who I am.
London is a great city to explore, it is vibrant and full off interesting people from various places around the world.
There is so much beauty that can be had from this city, some many beautiful people and so many oportunities for me to realise my sexual fantasy's

I hope you'll enjoy what I write, please be patient as I am very new to this

An interesting threesome

The wildest thing I have done, well.....It involved a spainish couple which I met at Pacha one night.Basically he was dancing by himself and I started flirting with him bydancing next to him and looking at him. This was all fine to hs GFcame back and gave me a funny look. So in the end I just walked awaythinking nothing of it. About 20mins later, they were looking at meand she walked over to me and whispered into my ear "We want to fuckyou"I was quite taken back, but given they were probably the best lookingtwo people I had ever seen I jumped at the chance.We went back to their hotel in Mayfair. From there we drank champangeand did a few lines of coke. I was sitting there on the sofa andSabrina leant over and started kissing my neck, with Sam kissing hers.This moved on to me kissing her with Sam kissing my neck and rubbingmy inner thigh. At this point things were fgetting rather full on.Anyway, we had a few more lines and a bit more to drink and by thisstage I was so horny and worked up.Sabrina told me to sit down on the sofa and told me to watch what shewas going to do. Sam was standing there and she got down on herknee;'s and unzipped his trousers. So here I am, horny as hell and outcomes the most amazing cock I have ever seen in my life. It was at aguess about 9-10 inches long and about 2 or so in diameter. But moreimpressive was the shape of it, it was perfect. Like you'd see on avibrator or dildo.So by this stage I am now dripping wet. She was going down on him forabout two minutes of so then called me over to have a go in which Idid. It was a amazing.Anyway, you can figure what happen for the next 20 mins or so, but thestory gets interesting from here.Sabrina went and lay on the bed and told me to 69 her in which I did.But what happened next was incrediable. She had these balls, like golfballs but with out the dimples in the them, sam in the mean time wasfingering my ass and pussy with the lube that he squired all over myass. He then told me to open up.He then slowly pushed one of the balls in with his finger into my ass,and then pushed it in some more with his cock. Oh my god what afeeling it was, I had this ball in my ass while Sabrina was licking myclit. he then push another one in, and then another in. A total of 3.By this stage it was starting to hurt.Anyway Sam then told Sabrina to open her mouth and for me to push, asthey popped out she took one into her mouth and then gave it to me toput in my mouth, this happen all three times, so from being in my assthey were now in my mouth.We then fucked more and in the end I was completely wrecked and verysore. But it was so worth iot