Thursday, 11 March 2010

Back from my Holiday

Just a quick update to let you all know that I am back from New Zealand, had a lovely time visting friends and working on my tan!

I have a few stories which I will share shortly, they involve some mile high fun, some pool and some secluded beach fun.

Speak to you all soon


Saturday, 6 February 2010

My date

I'm still quite wasted at the moment and I have had no sleep, so please excuse me for the brief update.

Well as some of you know I went on a date with a girl I met at a strip bar in the city. Needless to say it went really well.
We enjoyed drinks and dinner together at Galvin on windows at the Hilton on Park Lane.
I am not really one to get that excited about meeting new people but when I saw Bianca waiting for me in a beautilul black cocktail dress I could hardly contain myself.

The evening concluded with us heading back to her house for what can only be described as one of the best nights off sex that I have had with a women.

I am just back from staying at her place, for the second time and it looks like we are going to see each other on a regular but casual & open basis.

Last night, I met her at her work in the city at 1.30 this morning, where I was sat in one of the vip areas. She was working so did not have alot of time for me, and it was very flattering of all the men asking me for a dance. To there disappointment and mine in some cases I could not help them. It was such a turn on to see her working the floor knowing that she was going to be mine later on that evening.
Bianca finished her shift at 3am, where we went back to her place and explored each other a little more. It appears to be getting more intense each time, so I am looking forward to more.

Update to follow once I have had some sleep

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I;ve met my match

A week or so ago I ended up at a strip bar called For Your Eyes only after a drunken drinking session with them.
The night was pretty much what you could expect from a place like FYEO, lots of beautiful women milling about and chatting to various men that were in the club.

After about an hour watching the proceedings, my colleagues arranged for me to have a dance with someone they thought I would quite like, they were not wrong. I was lead to a private booth by one of the guys and told to wait a few moments until she was ready.

I waited for a while and in came the most beautiful women that I have ever laid my eyes on. Her name was Bianca and she was from Latvia, she had the most gorgeous long blonde hair, complete with the most amazing figure I have ever seen. This might sound vain, but I have a good figure which I am proud off, but hers was something else.
She was about an inch taller than me with slim and toned legs, a lovely stomach complete with what I found out later to be, 32F breasts.

Bianca introduced herself to me and gave me a wee kiss on the cheek; she then sat next to me and gave me a glass of bubbles which she had brought in. We sat next to each other and chatted for about 5 mins, during which time she had her hand on my thigh. I am normally not one to get nervous but with her hand on my thigh I could hardly speak with out stuttering.

She finished her drink then told me to lean back on the sofa in which we were sitting on, she then got up and knelt between my legs and started to lightly glide her fingers up and down my legs, she then got up turned around and asked me to un zip her dress. As I did the dress fell to the floor and as she turned around I was stunned at her beauty.

She then told me to lean forward and as I did she grabbed my hand and placed them firmly on her breasts and told me to rub them. They were quite hard like mine, just a bit bigger and it was a lovely feeling that I felt through her bra.

As I was fondling her breasts she undid her bra and it fell to the floor as well, she then leant down and made me nuzzle her boobs. She then pushed me back and got to her knees again. While she was down there, she took off my heels and then start to take of my leggings. At this point I was asking her what the hell was going on, but she told to relax as it was all above board, what ever that meant at that point

So hear I am, leggings off and shoeless and wondering what the hell was going on, but a few moments she got up and turned around, bent down in front of me and told me to pull down her knickers and as I did all I could smell was her perfume and pussy.

As I was still sitting down she spread my legs apart and straddled my right leg, she then started to kiss my neck and fondle my boobs, it was at this point I could feel her damp pussy juices on my thigh. She whispered into my ear that she wanted to see me again, and with that I got my phone out of my handbag and she typed in her number. And as quickly as that she got up, got dressed and walked out, leaving me on my own wondering what the hell had just happened

I am seeing her again tonight!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


So, just a quick update.
Tonight, myself and 3 girls are off Skiing for a few days.
They are all great girls and lots of fun to be with and no doubt we'll have a wonderful time.
With some luck, we may be naughty snow bunnies

Friday, 22 January 2010

Helping a friend in need

On one coke fuelled night that I had with my friend Michelle, we were discussing our various sexual experiences that we had. I had told Michelle that I was an avid fan of anal sex, and she looked at me with curiosity in that she was quite surprised that I was so keen on it . I told her that she should try it some time and that she might end up liking it, much like I did.

A few weeks later, Michelle had organised a 3 some with a guy she had met one night and she asked me if I would like to join her. Michelle and I have been together before so I had no issues in accepting her invite. She told me that she would like to try anal with Mike for the first time and was hoping that I could help her in showing her what to do and to make sure Mike was not too aggressive, as being a guy he was naturally inclined to be that way.

A few weeks past, and the night was finally here. We went out for a few drinks before hand to loosen up and then went to Mike’s hotel that he had booked in the city. Complete with a bag of toys we arrived just after 8pm and went to his hotel room.

We all sat around for a while and Mike racked a few lines of coke up for us which we duly had. Michelle was looking amazing tonight, she was in a light blue sleeveless dress which showed off her lovely legs and amazing figure. I was wearing a grey jersey dress with black legging and heels. Mike, as usual was looking very smart in his jeans and tight t shirt.

Following a few more drinks, and a bit of chatting, Michelle decided enough was enough and went over to Mike and started to kiss him, I stayed and watched the two of them passionately kissing. I then decided that it was time and I walked over and started to kiss Mike, with Michelle nuzzling my neck.

Things moved back to the sofa, where I started kissing Michelle with Mike now moving to her breasts, nibbling and sucking on her nipples. I was getting very worked up at this point and I must say I was really enjoying it. It was not before too long that my leggings were taken off and I had had Mike licking my pussy and slowly fingering me while Michelle was fondling my breasts.
After a while, Mike stood up and walked in between Michelle and I and took his top off, while he did that we un did his belt, and dropped his jeans to the floor. As we pulled down his boxers, it was evident to see that Mike was rather excited as well. His cock was super hard and a lovely sight to see.

Michelle wasted no time in grabbing hold of his cock, slowly licking and teasing his shaft before sliding it deep into her mouth, she looked like she was in a trance, taking her time to nibble on his head and sliding her mouth up and down the shaft. By this stage I was getting rather impatient so I moved over and took the cock into my mouth and did the same as she did. We swapped turns for about 15 minutes or so, before I got up and motioned to toward the bedroom. I sat Michelle down and started to lick and play with her pussy, Mike in the mean time racked another line of coke up for us in which he duly brought over and we had.

I then told Michelle to get on her hands and knees so that Mike could take her from behind, while he was doing this I went into the living room and bought in bag and pulled a bottle lube and a selection of dildos and beads.

Michelle was having the time of her life, but it was time for her to have her ass played with. I pulled Mike away and told him to go and sit down and watch, he had no idea what was going on, but he did as he was told and sat there.

I proceed to rub lube on and around her checks, warming up the lube with my hands, I then slowly inserted one finger into her anus, and slowly slide it in and out. Each time my finger came out I squirted a little more lube.
After a while I progressed on to two fingers, all the while adding more lube, she was getting very wet at this stage and poor old Mike was having issues in not coming.

After 20 mins or so, I stopped using my fingers and started using a small vibrator which would have been about ¾ inch wide, I used this for awhile then moved on to anal beads..

I slowly worked one anal bead ball in at a time, starting from the size of a marble and progressively working up to the size of a ping pong ball, all while still adding more and more lube.

Time past and I knew Michelle was ready for the real thing, I told Mike to get up and come over, but at this stage, the poor guy had come all over himself. I was worried that my cunning plan would not work, but luckily Mike rose to attention.

I told Mike to sit down on the bed, and I kneed beside him. I told Michelle to come over and straddle him like she was going to do reverse cowgirl on her. Mike grabbed her legs so that she was suspended in the air
I grabbed Mikes cock and spat on it, and told Mike to slowly let her down and in doing so his cock slowly went into her ass. You could see Michelle’s eyes getting bigger and bigger by the minute, I am not sure whether she was in pain or heaven, but either way she had 8 inches of cock slowly going in her. By the time it was all in Michelle was panting quite hard and I knew that if she was to enjoy it we needed to change positions. Mike then rolled her over on to her side and propped her leg into the air and slowly, very slowly started to thrust in and out. I went around in front of Michelle and it was evident to see that she was really starting to enjoy herself. As Mike continued thrusting I started to rub her clit hoping that she would soon cum, after a few minutes, her mouth dropped as she started screaming. Michelle started to orgasm so hard her whole body started to shake, Mike stopped thrusting and held as she came, she must have come for about 45 seconds or so before Mike withdrew from her ass. As he did I went over and pulled his condom off and started sucking his cock, as I was doing the Michelle was still moaning in shear delight.
Much to my disgust, Mike pushed me out of the way and went and stood next to Michele at the side of the bed, he grabbed her by the hair and started to fuck her mouth, it was not long before Mike started coming and Michelle’s pretty mouth had cum seeping out of it. Mike then climbed off her and as he did I went over and kissed her, all the while tasting Mikes hot cum. After we stopped kissing, Michelle smiled and gave me a little wink, and said thanks for helping a friend in need.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The 9 Iron

I thought I would share another little story with you all.
One of the guys that I see on a regular basis decided to introduce something new into our sexual relationship.

The afternoon work out started off in the normal way, a few lines of coke along with some champagne to get us both relaxed and ready for our session.

Matt had mentioned earlier in the week that I should be ready for what he had coming to me this week, and with that in mind I was quite nervous but at the same time very excited

We started kissing passionately like we always do, I really like Matt, and I have no trouble being turned on by him, you might ask why I don’t have a proper relationship with him, the truth is I would except that he is married.

As we progressed from kissing, Matt sat down on top the kitchen table, where I pulled up a chair up and proceeded to suck his cock, it was freshly shaven and nice a smooth, just what I like. I also noticed that he has his crack waxed as well which was a nice surprise.

Once I had finished with his cock for the moment, he lifted me up and lay me down on the table where he licked and played with my pussy, he then pulled out a candle and proceeded to drip hot wax on my nipples and on to my clit, the sensation was amazing, but it did make me wonder if that was his surprise, as it turned out it was not his last surprise.

He licked and played with my pussy for a while, and when I was wet enough he slowly inserted his cock into my pussy and slowly started thrusting away.

After a few minutes, he told me to get stand up and turn around and wait. He left the room for a while and came back and blindfolded me, he then told me to bend over the table and after I did that, he went around and outstretched my arms and bound them to the corner legs of the table. It would seem that now his surprised was in action.

Matt, then started to take me from behind while fingering my ass with his thumb, by this stage I was getting very worked up and was looking for more.
At that moment he withdrew his cock and gave me another line of coke.

After a short I felt some cold oil being poured down my lower back and down past my anus, he massage the oil into my bum checks and slowly started fingering my ass. After a while he progressed to 2 fingers and then on to 3, he then pulled them out and pushed his hard cock up my ass.

He fucked me for a while and told me the time had come for the surprise. He went around to the otherside of the table where my head was and told me to open my mouth, I did as he asked and he got a golf ball out and pushed into my mouth and then told me to spit it out. Once it was back in his hand he forced his cock into my mouth, and in doing so lent over and pushed the golf ball up my ass. He then repeated it again by making me suck another ball and then pushing yet another golf ball up my ass.

At this stage, I am in awe of what is actually happening. I have got two golf balls up my ass, the feeling was very strange, yet it felt so good, he then told me to suck on another one and then proceed to start pushing the ball in, it was at this point he said to me, “Hold on baby, I am going to use the 9 iron for the last ball” meaning he used his 9 inch cock to force the 3rd Ball deep in my ass.
By now I am screaming with pain and pleasure, Matt reckoned he had about 4 inches of his cock in my ass, along with 3 golf balls.

I couldn’t really take much more, so he pulled his cock out and told me to push outward, one at a time, the balls came out and as they did he told me to suck on them.

It was a hell of an experience I tell you. The session ended up with him cumming in my ass with all of his 9 inch cock inside me.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Pony Time

You can imagine the looks I am getting as I appear from behind the toilet cubical at Mass in Brixton for the Torture Garden event some time ago. You might wonder why I am getting the looks that I am considering it is a fetish event full of weird and wonderful people. The reason for the looks is that I am wearing black latex hotpants, a bodice type arrangement to cover my chest and a mask that looks like a horses head complete with blinkers, a bit and of course reins which were attached to the bit and the bodice.
As I exit the changing rooms my master and rider are waiting for me to come out, he greets me with a whip to my backside and orders me to bend over. In front of everyone he slowly inserts the butt plug that is now my tail into my ass. It hurts slightly, but I don’t get a chance to think about it. My tail is now appearing through the opening in the rear of my pants and I am now ready to be taken into the main arena.
As I am walking out, my master closes the blinker holes so that I can no longer see, I am now at the mercy of him to guide me through the crowd and into the main arena.. Considering I have 6 inch platforms on this is no small task and it takes me a while to get used to walking around blind. As we enter the main arena and I am told to get onto one of the small podiums that are placed there and to get on my knees, he then ties up my reins to a pole that is nearby and tells me to wait.
As my hands are in fingerless gloves that are tied & bound, I can not do much other that wait for my master to return. As I am waiting there, I feel numerous hands stroke my long hair which is neatly tied in to a pony tail and I get the odd slap on the bum. So as I wait on my knees for him to return, I listen to the music to distract myself and I wonder what everybody is doing or how they look. After 45mins or so my master returns and un ties me and leads me to another room which is a lot quieter and has people talking away. There is no music is this room, only what you can hear from the main club. I am told once again to get on my knees and at this point my master offers me a drink, I gladly take it licking it from his cup.
After what feel like forever my master removes the blinkers so I can, it is only for 20 mins but it gives me a good chance to see what is going on. He leads me around the club and I have never seen so many people look at me before, it feels amazing to be the centre of attention. My master then closes the blinkers up again and tightens the bit some more so that my mouth is full stretched open and wide.
We have now been in the club for about 2 hours and it is getting really busy with lots of people bumping into me, tugging at my tail and stroking my hair. I have not been able to see anything for the last hour now and I am starting to really miss the feeling of not being able to see. I give a signal to my master that I want to see, at first he refuses but after a while he opens the blinkers a little so that I can see. The sense of relief is amazing and its great to be able to see the lights of the club and the people that are in there. Strangely enough I spot two friends of mine in there, what I thought were two straight guys ended up being rather close and it was quite amusing to see them. I am sure they would have had a big surprise to see me, but thankfully the mask was hiding my identity.
We carry on dancing and after a while I am lead back into a small room which has a number of sofas and beds in it. I get ordered to sit down, and the butt plug I have been wearing gets push up every more, partly because I had forgotten it was there and secondly because I got pushed..
My master then gets on his knees in front of me and takes my heels off, he then starts caressing feet, slowly rubbing and kissing them. As he does this he works his way up my leg and up to my inner thigh. It is at this point a young lady joins in and does the same to the other leg. The contrasts of the two tongues and lips are amazing The sensation is unreal and I am getting so unbelievably worked up. To makes things worse my hands are still bound together in a fist shape in side the gloves that I am wearing meaning I can touch anything nor can I really feel anything from them. My master has now worked his way up to my upper inner thigh and the women is licking and sucking my toes, something which I love and adore.
Before long, the kissing and caressing stops, my blinkers are put back on so I can’t see and I am ordered to get on my knees once again. My master grabs my hairs and uses the whip on me and tells me to follow him, he leads me over to the bed where he tells me to get on to it and remain on my knees. He tells me to wait there and to not move until he gets back. I wait there patiently wondering again what is going on, I can hear other couples playing together and it is making me really horny and jealous that I can not join them. I later find out that my master was out planning for my exit and arrival back to the stable.
He later returns and orders me to my feet, where he leads me outside and into an awaiting taxi. In the taxi is one other guy and another women. There are only a few whispers spoken in the taxi, none of it that I can hear that well due to my ears being covered.

We get back to my masters apartment and I am lead up the stairs. We walk into the living area and I am told to sit down. The bit being my teeth is taken off which is a nice relief as I have had my mouth opened with it in for about 5 hours now. I am given a drink water and told to keep quite and await further instructions.
After a while of sitting there and waiting what to do, the role play for the night partially ends, my hands are unbound and I am free to talk about the night with my master and our new friends. The two new people are friends of my master and he had planned the whole event so it was a nice surprise. They are of similar age, the women is 23 and the guy is 29 and are both very good looking. We chat for abit and drink some more. My master then comes out with the mirror and we proceed to have a few lines of coke and generally get high. About 30 mins later the fun begins. Megan comes over and straddles me on the couch and starts to kiss me. I’ve kissed a quite a few women in my time but nothing feels as good as her at the moment. The guys are now standing either side of us watching and talking about how good it looks. My master then grabs Megan and pulls her off me and starts to kiss her, Steve grabs me and starts kissing and licking my neck and he slowly works his way up to my mouth, we carry on kissing for a while and I’m feeling very tingly below. Steve fondles my boobs through the bodice that am wearing and pulls the top down so that my left boob is now exposed, he pushes me back down on to the sofa and climbs on top of me so that he couch is right in my face. I grab his waist and pull it closer to me. I start undoing his belt and pull it off. I can see a bulge appear through the leather trousers that he is wearing and think that to my self that I should take control and expose this bulge. Before I get a chance to un do his fly he jumps back up to his feet and pulls me up and lifts me into the air so that my legs are around his waist. At this stage my arms are around his neck and I am still kissing him, he tells me to let go and to put them behind my back. I do as he asks and as he does this my master grabs my hands and cuffs them together. My master then brings over the mirror and tells me to snort the line in which I do, he then grabs my hood and puts it back on and tighten’s it back up. It would appear that we are going back into role play mode again.
Steve then puts me back on the bed and tells me to wait, as I do I start to feel very spaced out and as it turns out, the line I had was Ketamine.
As I lay there I am wondering what is going to happen when I feel my legs open up and the gentle kissing of Megan on my legs, she is lightly rubbing my crouch and pussy and I feel out of this word. The guys then lift up my legs and pull down my hot pants. Megan then starts to lick and kiss my clit, teasing me with her tongue. While Megan is busy licking me out, My master removes my bodice and I am now naked on the bed, hands behind my back and with a horse mask on. Steve then grabs my mouth and forces it open, as he does he spits into my mouth and tells me to relax and that everything will be fine. As he says this a dildo is inserted in and out of my mouth like I am giving a blow job, he pushes it as far as it can go so that I end up gagging on it. He pulls it and I am turned over so that I am on my stomach. My legs are then spread apart and I can feel lube being squirted all over my bum and inner thigh. Megan then slowly inserts her finger in my ass, and takes it in and out. I cant really feel that much at the moment as I am bit numb all over. Then I start to feel something bigger go in and it is slowly slid back and forwards until it is right deep inside me. Steve then comes around the front of me and lifts my head, then pulls my mouth open and forces his cock into my mouth. With his cock in my mouth and dildo up my ass I am feeling very vulnerable but at the same time excited. This carries on for a while untill my master turns me on to my side, in doing so he lifts my leg into the air and pushes his cock into my pussy