Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The 9 Iron

I thought I would share another little story with you all.
One of the guys that I see on a regular basis decided to introduce something new into our sexual relationship.

The afternoon work out started off in the normal way, a few lines of coke along with some champagne to get us both relaxed and ready for our session.

Matt had mentioned earlier in the week that I should be ready for what he had coming to me this week, and with that in mind I was quite nervous but at the same time very excited

We started kissing passionately like we always do, I really like Matt, and I have no trouble being turned on by him, you might ask why I don’t have a proper relationship with him, the truth is I would except that he is married.

As we progressed from kissing, Matt sat down on top the kitchen table, where I pulled up a chair up and proceeded to suck his cock, it was freshly shaven and nice a smooth, just what I like. I also noticed that he has his crack waxed as well which was a nice surprise.

Once I had finished with his cock for the moment, he lifted me up and lay me down on the table where he licked and played with my pussy, he then pulled out a candle and proceeded to drip hot wax on my nipples and on to my clit, the sensation was amazing, but it did make me wonder if that was his surprise, as it turned out it was not his last surprise.

He licked and played with my pussy for a while, and when I was wet enough he slowly inserted his cock into my pussy and slowly started thrusting away.

After a few minutes, he told me to get stand up and turn around and wait. He left the room for a while and came back and blindfolded me, he then told me to bend over the table and after I did that, he went around and outstretched my arms and bound them to the corner legs of the table. It would seem that now his surprised was in action.

Matt, then started to take me from behind while fingering my ass with his thumb, by this stage I was getting very worked up and was looking for more.
At that moment he withdrew his cock and gave me another line of coke.

After a short I felt some cold oil being poured down my lower back and down past my anus, he massage the oil into my bum checks and slowly started fingering my ass. After a while he progressed to 2 fingers and then on to 3, he then pulled them out and pushed his hard cock up my ass.

He fucked me for a while and told me the time had come for the surprise. He went around to the otherside of the table where my head was and told me to open my mouth, I did as he asked and he got a golf ball out and pushed into my mouth and then told me to spit it out. Once it was back in his hand he forced his cock into my mouth, and in doing so lent over and pushed the golf ball up my ass. He then repeated it again by making me suck another ball and then pushing yet another golf ball up my ass.

At this stage, I am in awe of what is actually happening. I have got two golf balls up my ass, the feeling was very strange, yet it felt so good, he then told me to suck on another one and then proceed to start pushing the ball in, it was at this point he said to me, “Hold on baby, I am going to use the 9 iron for the last ball” meaning he used his 9 inch cock to force the 3rd Ball deep in my ass.
By now I am screaming with pain and pleasure, Matt reckoned he had about 4 inches of his cock in my ass, along with 3 golf balls.

I couldn’t really take much more, so he pulled his cock out and told me to push outward, one at a time, the balls came out and as they did he told me to suck on them.

It was a hell of an experience I tell you. The session ended up with him cumming in my ass with all of his 9 inch cock inside me.

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