Friday, 22 January 2010

Helping a friend in need

On one coke fuelled night that I had with my friend Michelle, we were discussing our various sexual experiences that we had. I had told Michelle that I was an avid fan of anal sex, and she looked at me with curiosity in that she was quite surprised that I was so keen on it . I told her that she should try it some time and that she might end up liking it, much like I did.

A few weeks later, Michelle had organised a 3 some with a guy she had met one night and she asked me if I would like to join her. Michelle and I have been together before so I had no issues in accepting her invite. She told me that she would like to try anal with Mike for the first time and was hoping that I could help her in showing her what to do and to make sure Mike was not too aggressive, as being a guy he was naturally inclined to be that way.

A few weeks past, and the night was finally here. We went out for a few drinks before hand to loosen up and then went to Mike’s hotel that he had booked in the city. Complete with a bag of toys we arrived just after 8pm and went to his hotel room.

We all sat around for a while and Mike racked a few lines of coke up for us which we duly had. Michelle was looking amazing tonight, she was in a light blue sleeveless dress which showed off her lovely legs and amazing figure. I was wearing a grey jersey dress with black legging and heels. Mike, as usual was looking very smart in his jeans and tight t shirt.

Following a few more drinks, and a bit of chatting, Michelle decided enough was enough and went over to Mike and started to kiss him, I stayed and watched the two of them passionately kissing. I then decided that it was time and I walked over and started to kiss Mike, with Michelle nuzzling my neck.

Things moved back to the sofa, where I started kissing Michelle with Mike now moving to her breasts, nibbling and sucking on her nipples. I was getting very worked up at this point and I must say I was really enjoying it. It was not before too long that my leggings were taken off and I had had Mike licking my pussy and slowly fingering me while Michelle was fondling my breasts.
After a while, Mike stood up and walked in between Michelle and I and took his top off, while he did that we un did his belt, and dropped his jeans to the floor. As we pulled down his boxers, it was evident to see that Mike was rather excited as well. His cock was super hard and a lovely sight to see.

Michelle wasted no time in grabbing hold of his cock, slowly licking and teasing his shaft before sliding it deep into her mouth, she looked like she was in a trance, taking her time to nibble on his head and sliding her mouth up and down the shaft. By this stage I was getting rather impatient so I moved over and took the cock into my mouth and did the same as she did. We swapped turns for about 15 minutes or so, before I got up and motioned to toward the bedroom. I sat Michelle down and started to lick and play with her pussy, Mike in the mean time racked another line of coke up for us in which he duly brought over and we had.

I then told Michelle to get on her hands and knees so that Mike could take her from behind, while he was doing this I went into the living room and bought in bag and pulled a bottle lube and a selection of dildos and beads.

Michelle was having the time of her life, but it was time for her to have her ass played with. I pulled Mike away and told him to go and sit down and watch, he had no idea what was going on, but he did as he was told and sat there.

I proceed to rub lube on and around her checks, warming up the lube with my hands, I then slowly inserted one finger into her anus, and slowly slide it in and out. Each time my finger came out I squirted a little more lube.
After a while I progressed on to two fingers, all the while adding more lube, she was getting very wet at this stage and poor old Mike was having issues in not coming.

After 20 mins or so, I stopped using my fingers and started using a small vibrator which would have been about ¾ inch wide, I used this for awhile then moved on to anal beads..

I slowly worked one anal bead ball in at a time, starting from the size of a marble and progressively working up to the size of a ping pong ball, all while still adding more and more lube.

Time past and I knew Michelle was ready for the real thing, I told Mike to get up and come over, but at this stage, the poor guy had come all over himself. I was worried that my cunning plan would not work, but luckily Mike rose to attention.

I told Mike to sit down on the bed, and I kneed beside him. I told Michelle to come over and straddle him like she was going to do reverse cowgirl on her. Mike grabbed her legs so that she was suspended in the air
I grabbed Mikes cock and spat on it, and told Mike to slowly let her down and in doing so his cock slowly went into her ass. You could see Michelle’s eyes getting bigger and bigger by the minute, I am not sure whether she was in pain or heaven, but either way she had 8 inches of cock slowly going in her. By the time it was all in Michelle was panting quite hard and I knew that if she was to enjoy it we needed to change positions. Mike then rolled her over on to her side and propped her leg into the air and slowly, very slowly started to thrust in and out. I went around in front of Michelle and it was evident to see that she was really starting to enjoy herself. As Mike continued thrusting I started to rub her clit hoping that she would soon cum, after a few minutes, her mouth dropped as she started screaming. Michelle started to orgasm so hard her whole body started to shake, Mike stopped thrusting and held as she came, she must have come for about 45 seconds or so before Mike withdrew from her ass. As he did I went over and pulled his condom off and started sucking his cock, as I was doing the Michelle was still moaning in shear delight.
Much to my disgust, Mike pushed me out of the way and went and stood next to Michele at the side of the bed, he grabbed her by the hair and started to fuck her mouth, it was not long before Mike started coming and Michelle’s pretty mouth had cum seeping out of it. Mike then climbed off her and as he did I went over and kissed her, all the while tasting Mikes hot cum. After we stopped kissing, Michelle smiled and gave me a little wink, and said thanks for helping a friend in need.


  1. Amazing post, as always, Casey... I really enjoyed reading it! I was in the Eurostar so maybe the guy next to me got a little glimpse ;)

  2. this reminds me of my own writing, except yours are based on real life experiences.