Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I;ve met my match

A week or so ago I ended up at a strip bar called For Your Eyes only after a drunken drinking session with them.
The night was pretty much what you could expect from a place like FYEO, lots of beautiful women milling about and chatting to various men that were in the club.

After about an hour watching the proceedings, my colleagues arranged for me to have a dance with someone they thought I would quite like, they were not wrong. I was lead to a private booth by one of the guys and told to wait a few moments until she was ready.

I waited for a while and in came the most beautiful women that I have ever laid my eyes on. Her name was Bianca and she was from Latvia, she had the most gorgeous long blonde hair, complete with the most amazing figure I have ever seen. This might sound vain, but I have a good figure which I am proud off, but hers was something else.
She was about an inch taller than me with slim and toned legs, a lovely stomach complete with what I found out later to be, 32F breasts.

Bianca introduced herself to me and gave me a wee kiss on the cheek; she then sat next to me and gave me a glass of bubbles which she had brought in. We sat next to each other and chatted for about 5 mins, during which time she had her hand on my thigh. I am normally not one to get nervous but with her hand on my thigh I could hardly speak with out stuttering.

She finished her drink then told me to lean back on the sofa in which we were sitting on, she then got up and knelt between my legs and started to lightly glide her fingers up and down my legs, she then got up turned around and asked me to un zip her dress. As I did the dress fell to the floor and as she turned around I was stunned at her beauty.

She then told me to lean forward and as I did she grabbed my hand and placed them firmly on her breasts and told me to rub them. They were quite hard like mine, just a bit bigger and it was a lovely feeling that I felt through her bra.

As I was fondling her breasts she undid her bra and it fell to the floor as well, she then leant down and made me nuzzle her boobs. She then pushed me back and got to her knees again. While she was down there, she took off my heels and then start to take of my leggings. At this point I was asking her what the hell was going on, but she told to relax as it was all above board, what ever that meant at that point

So hear I am, leggings off and shoeless and wondering what the hell was going on, but a few moments she got up and turned around, bent down in front of me and told me to pull down her knickers and as I did all I could smell was her perfume and pussy.

As I was still sitting down she spread my legs apart and straddled my right leg, she then started to kiss my neck and fondle my boobs, it was at this point I could feel her damp pussy juices on my thigh. She whispered into my ear that she wanted to see me again, and with that I got my phone out of my handbag and she typed in her number. And as quickly as that she got up, got dressed and walked out, leaving me on my own wondering what the hell had just happened

I am seeing her again tonight!


  1. Glad you're having fun. Ever fantasized about a gorilla?

  2. sweet, your blogs are making me reconsider Manchester as my favourite English city. i'd love to see the sights you could show me.